HTMA SUCCESS: Accredited HTMA & Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Practitioner Training

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) offers a unique insight into the body’s mineral balance and toxic metal exposure, providing a foundation for targeted health interventions. This course dives deep into the science of HTMA, equipping you with the knowledge to interpret these complex analyses and apply them effectively within your practice.

The name “HTMA Success” encapsulates our mission to enhance both the professional journey of wellness practitioners and the health outcomes of their clients. This program is structured around three core achievements:

Practitioner Success 

Our course is designed to equip practitioners with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). We believe that a strong understanding of HTMA is crucial for any wellness practice, and we are committed to facilitating this professional growth.

Business Growth 

Beyond the technical aspects of HTMA, we support practitioners in integrating these skills into their businesses. HTMA Success isn’t just about learning a technique; it’s about transforming your practice to offer more to your clients, thereby driving business success.

Improved Health Outcomes

At the heart of HTMA Success is the desire to improve health outcomes. By training practitioners in HTMA, we are indirectly contributing to the well-being of countless individuals. Each practitioner trained by Susan becomes a catalyst for healthier lives.

Find out if HTMA Success Training is your next big move!

Ask Me Anything

Join our “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) sessions with Susan Cachay, an expert in HTMA and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing. These free sessions offer practitioners, like you, who are considering the accredited HTMA Success Practitioner Training, a chance to ask questions about the course’s features and benefits and how it can enhance your practice.

Interactive Q&A Sessions 2024

July 16 2024  12:30 PST

August 20 2024 12:30 PST

December 10 2024 12:30 PST

Course Highlights

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering everything from the fundamentals of HTMA to advanced interpretation techniques, this course is structured to build your confidence and expertise step by step.
  • Practical Application: Learn how to develop personalized wellness programs that address specific health issues, utilizing HTMA data to guide your recommendations.
  • Professional Development: Gain the skills and credentials needed to differentiate your practice, including the ability to collaborate with leading HTMA labs.

What Sets This Course Apart

Our course stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, hands-on application, and the unique benefits it offers:

  • Exclusive Mentorship: Direct guidance from Susan Cachay, leveraging her 15+ years of expertise.
  • Robust Toolkit: Access to a wide array of resources, including reference guides, cheat sheets, and the Hair Analysis Report app, to aid in HTMA interpretation.
  • Professional Certification: Upon completion, earn your certification as a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Practitioner, enhancing your credibility and professional standing.
  • NEW** Community of Practice: Exclusive to students and graduates of the course,  this community is designed to deepen your expertise and enhance the value you bring to your clients through a focused exploration of HTMA and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing. Learn more! 

Course Investment

The course fee is $2,500, a valuable investment in your professional development and the ability to provide exceptional care to your clients. For experienced HTMA practitioners seeking advanced training, please contact us directly for special discount opportunities.

Note: IONC Members get 10% off the cost of the course and 25 CEUs upon completion. 

Enrich Your Practice and Client Outcomes

By integrating HTMA into your wellness practice, you not only enhance your service offering but also contribute to more effective and personalized health solutions for your clients. This course empowers you to make a tangible difference in their health journeys, supporting better outcomes through informed, data-driven approaches.

Ready to Transform Your Practice?

Dive into the world of HTMA and discover how this powerful tool can revolutionize your approach to health and wellness. Enroll in our HTMA Practitioner Training today and start your journey toward becoming a certified expert in this field. 

Enrollment Steps


Begin your journey by enrolling through our website.

Tell Us About Yourself 

Share details about your educational background, current wellness practice, and any experience with Nutritional Balancing programs by emailing us.

Student Enrollment & Disclaimer Forms

We’ll send you a student enrollment form and disclaimer. Sign and return these documents to us.

Access Course Materials

Prepare for an enriching learning experience as access to the course materials is on its way!


Do I need to be on a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program to take the course?

No, being on a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program is not a prerequisite for this course. It’s designed for both newcomers and those with some experience in the field.

Will this course qualify me to set up an account with an HTMA lab?

Yes, completing this course will qualify you to set up an account with leading HTMA labs, as it includes certification as a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Practitioner.

What's covered in this course?

The course covers HTMA fundamentals, interpretation strategies, developing personalized wellness programs, and effectively communicating findings to clients.

What distinguishes your course from other HTMA training?

Our course stands out due to the direct mentorship with Susan Cachay, comprehensive toolkit for HTMA interpretation, and the practical focus on both science and client communication.

When does the course start and finish?

The course is self-paced, allowing you to start anytime and proceed according to your schedule. A typical completion timeline is provided for guidance.

How do I get certified?

Certification is awarded upon successfully completing the course assessments and a final exam, demonstrating your proficiency in HTMA interpretation and application.

What are the learning materials?

Learning materials include video lectures, reading assignments, reference guides, at-a-glance sheets, checklists, and access to the Hair Analysis Report app.

You’re Supported to Succeed


I have taken four other HTMA trainings, and Susan’s course is by far the most comprehensive and is my first recommendation to other practitioners looking to broaden their understanding of HTMA. The information is clearly organized and structured in a way that makes learning it feel approachable. Susan’s mentorship after the conclusion of the course material is invaluable!

In an age where certifications quickly churn out new practitioners for a profit, Susan stands out as a mentor who really cares about the quality of her course.

Anyone who comes through her training truly understands the material and is prepared to serve their clients.

Justine Grasl
Finding Radiant Health LLC


Susan’s HTMA course is an absolute gem!

As someone deeply invested in holistic health, I found her teachings to be not just enlightening but transformative. Susan has a unique gift for simplifying complex concepts, making them accessible to all levels of practitioners.

The wealth of practitioner documents she provides is invaluable, and the year-long mentorship is a game-changer!

Melissa Rocker

Susan’s course was exactly what I was looking for.

She made complex processes easy to understand, supplied invaluable practitioner documents upon completion, and gives a year-long mentorship.

This is the best HTMA course available for the price.

Matthew Coffman


I highly recommend HTMA Success Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Training. When I discovered Susan was teaching a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Practitioner course, I signed up right away. I knew this course would be what I was looking for. Susan has many years of experience in this field and understands this work deeply.

Whether you are “seasoned” or very new at this, you will be in good hands with Susan’s course. I learned a lot of new things, greatly broadened my skill set and gained the confidence and knowledge that I provide top-notch service to my clients with what I have learned from this course. The course is well-thought out and presented so you can do it easily at your own pace. Additionally, Susan is an excellent teacher and mentor. The feedback she provides is timely, well thought out, articulate, easy to understand and easy to apply.

Join the real health revolution so you too can help people heal body/mind/spirit at deep, profound levels as a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Practitioner. Tap into Susan’s deep body of knowledge and sign up. You will be glad you did!

Rosemary Slade
Better Living with Rosemary


With the course we get access not only to reference guides and fantastic education, but also to forms and questionnaires that can be used with clients.

On top of that, Susan’s guidance for one year post-graduating is invaluable for a new practitioner. She is prompt in answering questions, and her knowledge base—covering many areas of health, wellness, and the path to recovery—is vast.

I highly recommend her training for anyone who would like to enter this field.

Lauren Eyton-Jones

I’m grateful for Susan’s warmth, wisdom, and support. I just finished her HTMA Success course and am now in the process of setting up my own business. I’m excited and grateful for this opportunity!

Susan’s course materials were abundant and thorough. At one point I was a little (lot) overwhelmed by all the new knowledge and frankly, didn’t think I was going to be able to complete the course. It was a lot of new information for me and I wouldn’t consider myself particularly science-minded. I reached out and Susan was not only responsive, but took the time to compassionately listen…to hear my heart (and fears)—and promptly talk me off the ledge! 🙂

I am proud of myself for completing the course, and grateful for the knowledge that I can now call my own! I believe it’s going to help my family and future clients regain their health and vitality…and there’s nothing more valuable than that!

Carissa Wages

This certification has empowered me to live my dream of healing others and getting life-changing results with clients.

Susan has gone above and beyond in providing everything needed to build a solid foundation in the science, launch your practice upon completion, and eventually become a skilled practitioner; all while offering close support every step of the way.

I cannot thank her enough for working to spread this incredible healing science far and wide!

Kyle Peche
Jyoti Mineral Balancing

Susan is a thorough coach and always ready with an appropriate answer for any queries regarding hair analysis and client issues! Susan has been the linchpin in my training and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her now for nearly 7 years.

Cressida Elias
Hair Analysis UK

Susan Cachay is an excellent coach with many years of experience in mineral balancing. She provides clear and pertinent guidance and is always prompt in responding to questions. I highly recommend her as a coach and source of extensive knowledge and practical understanding.

Koay Yih Zi
Health Balancing

I highly recommend Susan Cachay. Not only was she a great coach for Hair Mineral Analysis, she was also my personal health consultant. I can’t even imagine where I would be or what state I would be in without this program. I really believe HTMA can help mankind in a way never seen before.

Thank you, Susan, for teaching others about something so important. Grateful for you!

Kathy Desser

I’ve been a nutritional therapist for 38 years. When I added Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to my teaching 15 years ago, I wondered if I would ever learn all the encyclopedic material!

Susan’s mentorship has been such a blessing, her coaching for me has been both collaborative and instructive. Of her many attributes, I appreciate most her kindness, her attention to detail, and her vast and knowledgeable approach to each client case I present to her.

I feel I couldn’t do the nutritional balancing work nearly as well without her guidance and expertise.

Amahl B. Van Halsema

This course is loaded with information to set you up for success! I definitely have a better understanding of HTMA and the resources to support me as I open my practice. Susan is very prompt in answering any questions you have and does a fabulous job of explaining the how and why of the mineral patterns.

I highly recommend this course!

Stephanie Woods
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I was looking for the best possible coach after I outgrew my first NB practitioner during the first year. The choice for Susan Cachay was a natural one as she was and is simply the best. Susan has been mentoring me for 8 years now.

I appreciate Susan combining her experience with HTMAs and NB programs and the latest scientific research to provide clients with the most efficient and up-to-date healing possible. And I love her warm, human touch.

I definitely recommend Susan as a coach to anyone who is ready to dive deep into the world of balancing body chemistry.

Kairi Kuha

Susan Cachay’s HTMA Success course is a valuable tool to have as a practitioner to help balance your clients’ body chemistry towards better health. With Susan’s years of experience and her great organizational skills, she guided me throughout the course with directness and clarity.

Thanks to Susan, I am now starting my own practice as a practitioner.

Sylvie Jans

The course is very well organized and thorough. Some may think that there is repetition, but in reality it covers things from all angles, making it easier to remember and practice.

As a coach Susan is always there if you have any inquiries or need something explained, and she cheers you on when you do well.

Really, it’s one of the best courses I’ve taken, with one of the best coaches.

I’ve learned so much from Susan. And not only about Mineral-Nutritional Balancing itself, but also dealing with clients—making them feel at ease, being human and showing care, etc.

Some people show up in our lives only to disappear without any effect. Others leave their wonderful mark on us, as Susan has with me. I have been blessed.

Nouf Al-Fayez

In my studies as a practitioner and professional, I have studied HTMA in three different programs. Susan’s was by far the richest and most comprehensive.

The support she offers is unparalleled, and her mentorship is holistic.

She meets you where you are as a practitioner while also providing a firm foundation to guide you towards mastery in interpretation.

Anyone would be fortunate to study with Susan.

N. N.

HTMA Success is thorough in breaking down a complex science into a system that taught me how to properly read an HTMA test.

It is a self-paced learning style. The questions asked in the coursework help highlight key themes to understand, and having to articulate it helped me grasp the content.

Susan is professional, supportive, and quick to reply to any questions. She has a deep desire for others to heal through mineral balancing. This shines through in how she created the content of the course, her thorough answers to my questions, as well as her encouragement.

I felt her on my side, cheering me on.

Thank you, Susan, for putting together this material.

I’m excited to start using what I learned as I interpret and set up programs for others, each so unique therefore giving me more to discover and learn!

Kim Kyle