Pro-Metabolic Eating

What is pro-metabolic eating?

Pro-metabolic eating focuses on easy-to-digest foods and including the macros (protein/carbohydrate/fat) at all meals.

What are the benefits of pro-metabolic eating?

Our bodies have an easier time turning the recommended foods into energy. This enables optimal absorption of nutrients plus it supports adrenal, liver, and thyroid function.

How to implement pro-metabolic eating

If you have been following low-carb or keto, you may need to introduce carbohydrates (starches, vegetables, and fruits) into the diet slowly to allow your body to adjust.

If you are unsure what ratio of protein/carbohydrate/fat is most suitable for you, start with 33/33/33 and refine from there. If you’re a slow oxidizer, you may do better with 30/50/20.

What are ideal foods for pro-metabolic eating?


Most people need a minimum of 100 grams per day. This supports liver function.

  • beef, bison, lamb (grass fed is ideal)
  • bone broth
  • chicken (free range)
  • eggs (pasture raised is ideal)
  • gelatin
  • liver and other organs (2x per month)

Dairy (protein source)

Organic and/or raw is ideal.

  • cheese
  • cottage cheese
  • kefir
  • milk (goat or cow)
  • yogurt


Most fats should be saturated. Avoid nut, seed, and vegetable oils as they contain PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids).

  • butter (grass fed is ideal)
  • cocoa butter
  • coconut oil (refined)
  • cream
  • tallow


  • rice (brown or white)
  • oats (well cooked)
  • masa harina


  • root vegetables such as carrots, rutabaga, potatoes (small red potatoes are lowest oxalate, peel and boil for 20 minutes)
  • greens (small amounts, well cooked; avoid spinach)

Fruits and sugars

Include, if tolerated. For better digestion, avoid fruit with seeds.

  1. honey
  2. maple syrup
  3. molasses
  4. sweet, ripe fruits in season in your area


Salt food to taste after cooking.

The takeaway

Pro-metabolic eating is beneficial for those with sensitive digestive systems as well as supportive of glandular and hormonal health.

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