Why I Believe in Whole-System Healing

I’m truly passionate about how a whole-system approach makes deep healing possible.

First, let’s look at what isn’t a whole-system approach. Conventional doctors and even many alternative practitioners often focus on symptoms. Recommendations for medications or supplements are made based on alleviating symptoms instead of addressing the root cause. As a result, symptoms often return.

In Mineral-Nutritional Balancing the client is always seen as one, self-healing system. This whole system includes the mind, brain, and physical body plus emotions, thoughts, lifestyle, diet, rest level, and much more. As a holistic health professional I don’t ignore specific symptoms (in fact, it’s often the starting place), but I always see the whole person.

From a whole-system perspective, the focus is always on the deeper healing that occurs as part of a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Program. If a person has difficulties with digestion (IBS, constipation, diarrhea) I’ll consider all the things that I know can contribute to these types of symptoms such as:

  •  related body systems and organs
  • environmental factors (eg. mold)
  • mental and emotional health
  • stressors (eg. work, relationships)
  • food/nutrition
  • lifestyle (rest, sleep, movement)

I make recommendations to address the underlying causes of health concerns as well as to prevent illness and improve overall well-being. Unlike drugs or surgery, the aim is to support the body so it can begin to heal itself. If the body gets what it needs when it needs it, then healing of most conditions will occur by itself.

Keep in mind that your bodymind isn’t the same as anyone else’s so your diet and lifestyle plan will likely be different as well.

This way of seeing the whole person plus looking at how different areas of the bodymind may be relating to each other means I can get to the root of your concern instead of only treating symptoms. It’s an effective approach to maintaining good health and wellness over time.